My Protector by AkumoHyoukyo


When Bane is at the stadium and he calls the trigger-man an unsung hero, he means every word.

He’s talking about Talia

as an unsung hero

That’s actually really sweet

Bad Batfic Theatre

Okay a few months ago I mentioned a mind boggling Dark Knight Rises fanfic with a werewolf Mary sue that falls in love with Bane.Yeah. Unfortunately you read that right. It has a really clever title too. Any guesses? Any?

 ”Wolf’s Bane” Yup.

And guess what?  There’s a sequel and Bane turns into a goddamn werewolf

I dare you. I fucking dare you to follow the plot in either of these. Nothing makes sense. Nothing.  and there’s no sign of the actual movie’s plot anywhere. For some reason Batman , Bane and Selina are pals. They’re working together on whatever shit’s going on in the story. Why is Bruce helping Bane? Why is he helping werewolves? Two of many unanswered questions in this thing. 

And Ra’s Al Guhl in inexplicably alive???

And everyone in the League of Shadows is some sort of wereanimal???

So, right next to my bed I have my Bane poster, encouraging me to ‘rise’.

It’s working a bit too well. The heating/cooling vent in my room sounds like heavy breathing. The past few mornings I’ve woken up to the sound of deep breathing and HOLY SHIT BANE AUGHJRGREGJL. It’s gonna give me  a heart attack one of these days

So Bane’s dog was on TV

So Bane’s dog was on TV

I want to do a dramatic reading of that awful Banexmary sue werewolf fic, but I can’t do a Bane voice. :l

It’s official.

I’ve found the worst Bane mary sue OC.

She’s a werewolf. A real fucking werewolf in nolanverse.

what if Bane bear


what if Bane bear

Oh fuck

So, this cake? Remember how it’s for my English class?

Apparently most of the people in my class haven’t seen TDKR or even watched the trailer. Like all they know is about the shooting in Aurora.

They don’t know about the jokes surrounding the quote. They’re gonna see “permission to die” and something Batman related and assume I’m a horrible insensitive fuckwad. ,I can’t just eat in private or anything because I already promised them a cake. I’m going to have to do some serious splainin’


I swear to God, English class, I’m not evil.

I got a cake for the last day of English class.