Is.. is there a way people can see the read mores from a deleted post???

Like, your post has been deleted but it’s still on the blogs of people who reblogged it.

But the read more link shouldn’t have anything to link to, right???

 I just… don’t really like or care that much about any of the legendary pokemon.

It’s been that way ever since I was a kid. Everyone was like, “Mew and Mewtwo holy shit!!!” and I was just “How about Nidorino tho”

One of the the shittiest things about depression is how you get no gratification from doing anything.

Like one way I try to motivate myself to do things is by thinking, “I’ll feel better when it’s finished.” But I don’t. I feel just as stressed as I did before. Like what’s the point of doing things if I’ll feel the exact fucking same as if I don’t do them.

Why do you do this brain


The tyrannosaurus video from 3D Dinosaur Adventure is still one of my favorite animated shorts of all time






dragonborn at their finest 

I want you to imagine that I sometimes go eat at a mediocre restaurant.  The service is usually okay but sometimes it’s super slow. They keep on adding weird new shit to the menu, even though the stuff they already have sucks. The other diners are obnoxious, plus you’ve heard rumors that the owner is a gigantic douche.  It would seem there’s no good reason for me to keep eating there. But. One of the waiters is really hot. He’s not always there, but I’m are willing to brave the restaurant just for the chance of seeing his fine ass.

The restaurant is Homestuck. The waiter is Jack Noir. I am in hell.

How the hell can people say Zant is ugly are you blind??? Is it because he doesn’t look like a generic anime bishie boy? Y’all are boring. Zant is pretty as fuck.